Ephesians Chapter 6 – Intro Video

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Hi, I’m Cody Sandahl.

The field of war reporting has really changed over the last few years. As I’m filming this, the Iraqi government is fighting ISIS for control of the city of Mosul. The battle has been dragging on for many weeks. And throughout the fighting, reporters are actually embedded with front-line combat units, not just reporting from far off. They are definitely in harm’s way. But that means they are also seeing war for what it really is – terrifying, stressful, nothing like the movies.

One of the tidbits that has stuck with me recently is the sound – the sound of bullets striking the armor of the vehicle they’re in. And more terrifying – the sound of bombs crumpling part of the protective shell or destroying the wheels, leaving them as sitting ducks. And that stuck with me, because it highlights that you can get hurt even if the armor works. You can go deaf, you can get tossed about and injured, even if the armor works.

It’s kind of like those giant padded sumo wrestling suits – ever worn one of those? They are a fan favorite at youth group, because they let you fight with no risk of injury. Who could get hurt with all that padding, all that armor? Well, that’s what I thought, too, right up until the moment when one of the kids fell awkwardly in the suit and broke his arm. You can still get injured, even with all that padding, all that armor.

In Ephesians 6, we see how badly we need the whole armor of God. We need to protect our minds, protect our bodies, protect our hearts and souls. But like the armored vehicle transporting the war reporters, like the copious padding of the sumo wrestling suit, we can still get hurt by whatever life is throwing our way. We can survive anything thanks to the armor of God, but don’t be surprised when it still hurts.

As you read chapter 6, remember that Christians aren’t supposed to just float above the cares and concerns of life – we are supposed to be right there in the thick of it, so we’re going to take some hits. When have you been hurt, but kept your faith thanks to the armor of God? Enjoy chapter 6.