February 27, 2013

Salt of the Earth

I read a fascinating interview (link to article) with Michael Moss about his new book Salt, Sugar, Fat that delves into the food processing industry. In the interview he unveils a fascinating fact about salt: When it comes to salt, what was really staggering to me is that the industry itself is totally hooked on salt….

Lord, Keep Me Alert, Safe, and Legal

I was driving from Austin to Dallas recently, and I prayed my standard road trip prayer: Lord, keep me alert, keep me safe, and keep me legal. All three of those petitions have a back story. Keep Me Alert I was driving from Port Aransas to Austin, ready to move in to my dorm at…

How Do You Know?

My devotions took me to Exodus today, and I noticed this little snippet from God’s words to Pharaoh: “Thus says the Lord, ‘By this you shall know that I am the Lord…’” – Exodus 7:17a While Pharaoh got smacked in the face by God’s power and presence, we normally have to look a little more…