3D Printed Mask for Cloth Mask Chewers

Order Form Has Moved to Code4Kids

One of my sons tends to chew on his cloth mask, so I modified a 3D printed surgical mask so he can no longer physically get the cloth mask into his mouth. Since creating this plastic mask, he has worn masks for therapy and in the community as needed with almost no fuss. Masking during COVID-19 went from major stress to no big deal! His school team asked me to make some plastic masks for some of the other special needs kids at the school, and they had similar success as well.

So if you have a child who likes to chew on their cloth mask, this might be a major help. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can find STLs and assembly instructions on GitHub. It’s a 3-4 hour print on my Prusa MINI. depending on the size of the mask you need. I also included Amazon links to purchase the padding, elastic, and ear loop sizing supplies.

UPDATE: The technology nonprofit Code4Kids has taken this project to help it expand. Order your FREE mask today at Code4Kids.