Faith-Quest! Active and Fun Faith Formation (play now for free!)

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Faith-Quest is like a scavenger hunt. Each Quest comes with a series of special codes (called QR codes) that can be scanned by a free app on your phone or tablet. Each code takes you to a part of our website that shows you about the item you found and stores it for you. When you find all of the items in your Quest, you have completed the Quest!

This is like geocaching but it can all be done inside of a house or church. The first quest teaches kids about the Fruit of the Spirit. I’m working on more quests, and I have some ideas to make it far more interactive and engaging. Stay tuned!

The Tech Side

I decided to simply the concept as much as possible. Each QR code takes the user to a special URL for that quest. Once they arrive at the website, I simply used cookies to store their progress on the quest. When all of the QR codes have been scanned, the quest is completed and the user sees a special video at the end. The limitation here is that progress is only tracked by device. You can’t start the quest on your phone and end it on your iPad because the cookies won’t transfer between devices. I could make accounts to store progress more reliably, but I hate creating accounts and I bet you do too!

The website itself is a pretty simple NodeJS server app that actually stores and tracks the user’s progress with cookies. I used a basic Bootstrap website template made by BoostrapMade, and I used EJS for server-side view templates within NodeJS. To keep this prototype simple, I used videos from YouTube for all of the teachings.

In the future, I could integrate mini-games instead of just showing videos. For instance, if I do a Faith-Quest about David, I could have one of the QR codes take the user to a short video game battle with Goliath. When they win the battle, the cookie would be updated to show they had completed that section of the quest.