Dice Rolling Game – Single or Multiplayer – PLAY FOR FREE!

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One of my sons loves to play a dice game where you keep rolling until all of your dice are the same value. Since we have family spread around the country, I decided to build it as an online multiplayer game so we could play together. It’s still a work in progress, but it works. Click the image to play it now! If you want to try multiplayer, I would recommend arranging a time to meet someone on there – there aren’t that many random people hanging out waiting for someone to log in and play against them 🙂

The Tech Side

The game itself is built using the Phaser 3 JavaScript and HTML5 game framework. I used Babel so I could use new JavaScript language features on the development side, but it gets translated into older and more compatible JavaScript when I publish the game. I also used the webpack asset bundler. This manages a lot of the rote publishing tasks like minifying the code, importing images and sounds into a final project folder, etc. It also makes development quicker by automatically updating and refreshing the game whenever you make change to the code.

To achieve the multiplayer functionality, I built a NodeJS server app that connects to the clients via SocketIO to enable real-time coordination between the players. The app uses Express to define routes, and it uses EJS for the view templates. It took a little time to get the project switched over from purely single player to a multiplayer client-server architecture, but my son thinks it was worth it!