PyGamer Games in MakeCode and CircuitPython

My son and I built the PyGamer from Adafruit a couple of months ago. He loves Blaze and the Monster Machines, so we’ve been working on a racing game in MakeCode Arcade. It’s inspired by the old game Spy Hunter.

Since he loves Super Wings as well, we made a simple flying game in MakeCode Arcade. You have to collect the packages while avoiding (or shooting) the obstacles. You can also travel to different planets by landing on special areas of the screen. We drew several different characters from Super Wings, so the sprite can be switched out. Right now it has to be manually moved in the code, but if we keep working on it we’ll add a menu to let the player choose their character.

I’m also working on a top-down role playing game engine using CircuitPython. This is an exercise in working around the limitations of the platform. There aren’t many examples yet, and I’ve only found one simple Python game engine for the PyGamer, so I’m extending that engine for my own purposes. I’ve added some GUI elements like modal dialogs. The map has passable and impassable tiles, and it also has special regions that trigger actions (like going to a new scene). It’s still very much a work in progress, so your mileage may vary!

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